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WorkWithPlus is the most widely-used Pattern within the Genexus development community. It enables development teams to make huge productivity gains whilst still creating content-rich applications.



A Pattern is a type of solution that is developed and reused when common object behavior is detected. This enables knowledge to be re-applied and produces standardized development.

The WorkWithPlus Pattern was created from a set of identified opportunities that significantly increase productivity. It has been designed to overcome certain limitations of the previous WorkWith Pattern and provide more flexibility and greater functionality to analysts.

Learning to use a pattern is very easy. The environment in which we work with Genexus patterns is highly intuitive and requires no advanced knowledge. If you are familiar with the use of the WorkWith pattern then the changes will be highly apparent. Within a WorkWithPlus pattern, you work with transaction instances. These instances allow us to define the behavior of objects and how they will appear on the screen.

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There is documentation available within the help file provided with the pattern installation. To access the help file you must press the right mouse button on any item in the pattern and select the option to view the help file. This file contains all the information relevant to the use of patterns, properties, functionalities, examples, etc. There is also online help available in the Functionalities section.

If you purchase a WorkWithPlus pattern license you are entitled to support and upgrades for one year from the date of activation. The pattern license never expires but, after a year, you must renew the right to receive support and upgrades. To renew your rights you must pay 20% of the value of the pattern. To contact support, please write to: support@workwithplus.com.

WorkWithPlus device


  • Filtros dinamicos 2:53

  • Columns Selector 1:43

  • Mandatory attributes 1:12

  • Record linking webpanel 1:11

  • Audit code 1:43

  • Sección 2:08

  • Tabs in the transaction, filters, etc. 1:43


  • On Demand

    The On Demand license is intended for customers with limited projects and includes the same features as the Standard license, except that it may not be used after the contract period expires.

  • Trial

    The free Trial version is limited to KB’s of up to 20 transactions with no time restrictions.

  • Licencia

    Along with the license, customers will receive Support services and Updates for a period of one year. After this time expires, the license does not itself expire, but the right to receive Technical Support for the Pattern and new Upgrades ends.

WorkWithPlus licenses never expire. What expires is the right to support and upgrades. These benefits must be renewed every year.

Along with your license you will get one year of support. This includes demos, online assistance and telephone support.

The pattern can be purchased over the internet using PayPal. For more information, please visit the “Buy” section of this site.

If you do not have access to PayPal, there are other forms of payment available. To use alternative forms of payment, please contact us by email.