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SmartDevicesPlus allows you to select a set of pre-designed templates which you can edit to suit your needs. Some of the templates we offer are: List, Display, Edit, Login, Menu, Maps, among others.

SmartDevicesPlus gives you the ability to select a set of prefabricated graphic designs made to the latest trends and highest standards respecting usability and user experience and seeking to offer an attractive look & feel to your applications.

SmartDevicesPlus adopted the user controls developed by Infragistics, which are available for iOS and Android, optimizing the integration with the already available templates. The IguanaUI and NucliOS toolkits have been adapted to integrate with Mobile applications developed with GeneXus. For more information about this controls visit www.infragistics.com

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SmartDevicesPlus licenses never expire. With the license you have the right to receive support and updates for one year. These rights must be renewed every year.

By purchasing a SmartDevicesPlus license you are entitled to receive all updates for one year for free.

It can be purchased through the internet using PayPal. For more information please contact us.

No, when you buy the SmartDevicesPlus license you will receive a license for the Infragistics controls, you can use our product with no restrictions and without paying any extra money.



SmartDevicesPlus has a support team that will attend all your questions through email, instant messaging and telephone. In terms of training the company offers a number of ways for those who start using SmartDevicesPlus so that they can achieve high productivity in a short time


It involves two hours of training to present the tool to the development team, and show the main features during a workshop.

It consists of three days of training in which can be at your offices or at DVelop. A SmartDevicesPlus instructor provides a complete training on the pattern, dictates exercises and helps the development team take their first steps.

Three days of online training with similar characteristics except that the local training is done though the internet.